10 Vintage Gift Ideas For Her This Christmas

Do you want to impress her this Christmas? Vintage gifts are thoughtful, unique and something she will cherish for years to come. Shopping isn’t quick and easy but that’s what sets it apart. Imagine describing how the perfect gift appeared to you after searching countless antique shops and fairs. It’s quite romantic!

Vintage gifts are unique and priceless just like her!

1. Vintage Quartz Watch

You can find elaborate Art Deco watches for little to nothing at antique shops. Restoring it to its original beauty is thoughtful & shows you will work for something you love. This is the perfect gift to give her on a romantic date, carriage ride or before a glitzy holiday party!

2. Vintage Purse

This is another thoughtful gift to give before a holiday party. A vintage purse is a stylish and unique gift. No one at the party will have a similar bag and it’s a great conversation starter. Get ready for her to gush about how you searched for the perfect bag that matches her personality. This might even start a collection like mine!

3. Spirit Animal

Do you know her favorite animal? You can always find a vintage brooch or necklace representing it. Guess what mine is? Add it to a scarf for a complete ensemble. I also collect Turtle figurines, pottery, accessories, etc! You have a lot of options in this category for sure! Go shopping and see what comes to you.

4. Vintage Sunglasses

This is a quirky gift for your fashionista. There are so many styles of sunglasses from the past you are sure to find one that fits her personality. The fact that they are vintage is a huge perk and will set her apart from the crowd.

5. Vintage Fur

Be careful when buying vintage fur and make sure it’s been taken care of. Look at the seams and make sure they aren’t splitting, the hair needs to be full and silky, and no foul smell! Always check pricing online and make sure you are getting a good deal. Lastly choose a piece she will love and look forward to wearing. See my collection that I wear on special occasions

6. Vintage Jewelry

As small as a sentiment or taking the big plunge vintage jewelry has what you are looking for. I often buy quirky jewelry that speaks to me. I find that the quality and cost is so much better than current jewelry.

My husband knew my love for vintage everything. When we were dating he gave me a beautiful 1920s ring for my birthday and then proposed with this gorgeous 1930s ring. He knows me so well!

7. Vintage Decor & Furniture

There is a fine line between necessity and a true gift. If the gift will benefit both of you ask yourself if your heart is in the right place. Has she mentioned an accent piece that she would love to have? A curio shelf for her collections, a sewing machine table, a rocking chair, or a china cabinet? Never stray from her decor style even if you love the item. Imagine where she will put the gift and if it will accentuate her home. Bonus if you have to restore the item to its former glory!

8. Hobbies & Collections

What are her hobbies? Does she collect anything? You will need to get to know what she loves and enjoys for this gift. Here are some examples.

  • Gardening: Does she love to garden? There are so many vintage flower pots, plant stands, garden stools, etc… Go above and beyond and add a plant or garden gloves to tie it all together.
  • Cooking: Does she love to cook? Vintage kitchen utensils & accessories are beautiful and useful. My mom collects blue enamel splatter ware so I’m always on the lookout. Make sure what you are buying isn’t a replica, research how to authenticate the age.

  • Books: Does she love to read? A first addition or vintage copy of her favorite book would be a great gift. We used a vintage copy of Alice in Wonderland as a prop in our wedding photos.
  • Writing: If she’s a writer think wax seals, stationaries, mother of pearl pens, journals or these adorable wall note clips.


  • Sewing:
  • Does she love to sew or craft? There are so many vintage options; sewing machines, dress forms, pin cushions, Victorian Chatelaine, scissors, fabric, trim, etc…


9. Vintage Cowboy Boots

Vintage cowboy boots are so hot! Be prepared to spend a pretty penny on a pair of quality boots. They FUN with boots back in the day and the leather is a much higher quality. Don’t worry if you need to have them resoled, just make sure the uppers are in good shape. You can even have boots stretched if they are too narrow on her foot.

 10. Vintage Belts

Vintage chain and snake belts are great to have around. The same belt can accent a day dress or add some glam to an evening outfit. Thankfully these belts are adjustable so you don’t need to know her exact size. Some belts allow you to remove links or let the excess trail down. Snake belts are stretchy so you just need to eye ball it. If you want a leather belt choose a waist belt with an adjuster in the back and an accent buckle.

Let me know what you find! Happy Holiday shopping!!!


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