Fall Flora & Fauna

What would a squirrel and a hedgehog use a canoe for?? Definitely to transport nature’s bounty.

Grab a cup of coffee and let’s help them prepare for winter.

  1. Start foraging for your materials. I found woodland creatures at World Market, faux berry limbs & a bag of potpourri with seed pods.
  2. Hot glue floral foam in the canoe to secure your arrangement.
  3. Add sticks to the bottom of woodland creatures so they won’t move when pressed into the foam.
  4. Hot glue the moss and animals into place.
  5. Add the berries and nuts around the woodland creatures until satisfied. make sure to use an ample amount of hot glue & ensure none is showing when finished

Now they are prepared and so is your Fall tablescape!!

Find other modes of transportation for your woodland creatures and share them with me!!!!

Wait more floral arrangements??

All of these will be for sale at the Main Street Antique Fest on October 27th in Arlington TX.

Join my Facebook group Coffee Craft and share your Fall floral arrangements!!


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