Welcome to Woodland Prep!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! It sparks creativity, people watching is encouraged and I can spend it with friends. When I finally step out I feel like I’m walking the red carpet and by the end of the night blinded by camera flashes…or was that the BOOze? πŸ‘» In our hectic lives sometimes designing a Halloween costume doesn’t make the cut. I designed a few quick and easy costumes for all the busy people out there.

This Halloween embody your favorite animal at Woodland Prep!


Preppy Deer 🦌

Get the look:

  1. Start with a brown cardigan or sweater- Paint abstract spots on. I used acrylic paint for my costume.
  2. Add a school crest if you are feeling creative.
  3. White button down shirt. Feel free to pop your collar and fold your sleeve cuffs over your sweater.
  4. School uniform skirt with a tail!
  5. I purchased my headband at Michaels pre-made. If you want a DIY headband I recommend using antler floral picks in the seasonal section of your local craft store or even two twigs!
  6. Your favorite satchel or cross body. I recommend natural leather or a faux fur.
  7. Accessorize by adding a statement necklace or scarf!

Get your woodland creature squad on!

Lumber-Jock 🌲

Get the look:

  1. A plaid shirt is a must! Add a crest if you have time.
  2. Suspenders are key.
  3. Chilly? Pop a LS sweater or vest over the top.
  4. Grow or crochet a beard.
  5. Grab your axe bat!
  6. Top it off with a beanie.

FoXXXy Librarian 🦊

Get the look:

  1. You need glasses to pull off this look.
  2. A fox mask or painted face.
  3. Hair up! and then get ready to let it down.
  4. A pencil skirt. Sharpened a bit shorter πŸ˜‰
  5. Add a furry tail!
  6. Sheer shirt, black bra…nuff said.
  7. Chanel inspired blazer.
  8. Tote around books.
  9. Seductively *SHHH noisy partygoers

Skater Skunk

Get the look:

  1. Skateboard
  2. Hoodie or blazer with painted stripes down back, add a tail if you’re up to it!
  3. A rocker T-shirt says I don’t respect authority.
  4. Spike & skunk your hair.
  5. Act like you just don’t care.

What other creatures belong at Woodland Prep?

Meet Jess Visit me at the Main street antique & junk fest to see my costume in person. Join my Facebook group Coffee Craft and share your Halloween costumes!!


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