The Sweet Witch

I love telling a story with my decor. This small side table is home to a good witch. She focuses her magic on love potions & sweet enchantments.

Create this spellbinding look!

Add love. Not only while setting up your decor but by adding a heart shaped prop. I found the perfect bottle & anatomical heart at a thrift store.

Spider webs. Who has time to dust when they are conjuring true love? I sure don’t. Cover tables with webs, lace, doilies, or cheese cloth for a sweet touch. See my tea/coffee dye tutorial for an antique look!

Masked Pumpkins are trending. It’s so easy and a great way to reuse masks from years past. My pumpkin went to the masquerade! The delicate mask fits perfectly with my whimsical theme. I added a single rose for an enchanted look.

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Bud vases are easy and a great way to add a touch of floral. Or! Use witchy lace up boots as a floral vase.

Books enhance the studious look of our sweet witch and allow for more decor on small spaces. Create your own spell books by recovering or adding text down the spine. Harry Potter and Jane Austin are also great alternatives.

Candles and Crystals are great additions too!!!

Keep creeping all month!

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Holiday Decor

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