Pretty Potion Bottles

Fancy stoppering true love? Or poisoning us all? This Halloween I added a little extra to my bottle game.

Poisonous Perfume. Adding arsenic and cyanide to perfume is an ancient guise. This beautiful pink bottle works perfectly with my decor. I added an iridescent spider decal to warn guests of its sinister stench. I found The deadly history of women using perfume as poison for inspiration.

XXX gut rot moonshine bottle with added iridescent skull decal.

Flower Crowns are a great way to add some femme fatal to your skulls. I used small scrapbook flowers that already had adhesive on the back! Create your own with floral stems or use stretchy floral headbands for larger skulls.

Candle stoppers are also hot! I love adding candles to wine bottles for parties. The creepy look of melted wax is perfect for your Halloween bottles too! I found pastel & rainbow bleeding candles that match my sickly sweet theme. Hint: keep a look out for candle sticks from thrift stores for occasions like this!

What is your favorite way to use bottles in decor?

Keep creeping all month!

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