Beaded Fabric Pumpkins

Embellish and up-cycle your own unique decor. I purchased fabric pumpkins, grabbed some coffee and made them my own. I added matching color beads trailing down the pleats. Try it over your next cup of coffee!

Choose your beads to match the pumpkins. This is my favorite part because you have so many options. Try mixing up the colors & sizes. I chose a neutral palette for this batch.

  1. start with a long thread & needle. With each stitch add a bead. Follow the natural pleats of the fabric. This should go rather quickly once you get in the groove.
  2. when you reach a stopping point tie a knot but don’t cut the thread. Dive your needle under the fabric to the next pleat and start the process over until you feel the pumpkin is complete.

Depending on your coffee intake the options are endless! You can add appliqué, pins, buttons, etc… I plan to sew my own pumpkins and take this to the next level! Until then check out my Pinterest & mood board below for inspiration.

Join my Facebook group Coffee Craft and share your Fabric Pumpkins!


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