Fabric Scrap Pumpkin

Are you ready for the easiest no sew pumpkin yet?? Join me for 6 easy steps over your morning coffee.

I always keep my fabric scraps for occasions just like this. I found a dollar tree foam pumpkin someone was throwing out and decided to give it a new life.

1. Gather materials; Foam pumpkin, 1″ wide fabric strips the length of your pumpkin, spray adhesive, hot glue gun & coffee.

2. Take a magazine you don’t want anymore and open on table outside. Lay a strip of fabric face down on top and spray with adhesive.

3. Stretch fabric on pumpkin overlapping at top and bottom until the pumpkin is covered. Remember to turn the pages of magazine to avoid glue getting on the front of fabric pieces.

4. Take curled ribbon and hot glue on top of pumpkin for your leaves.

5. Roll a piece of thicker fabric for your stem. Hot glue periodically so it will not unroll.

6. Glue stem on top and there you have it! A no sew patch work pumpkin!!!

Oh! And don’t forget to read the magazine and drink your coffee in between steps!

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