Fall Floral

Reuse, Recycle and Rearrange Always make the best of what you have. Since I’m changing my Fall decor to a pastel palette I was pleasantly surprised at what I already owned. I separated out the softer blues & golds. I even used some of my Spring decor! Then I pretend I’m an interior designer and arrange & rearrange until satisfied. After I have things just right Its time to fill in the floral.

Flower Arranging is an art! My advice is to start with quality flowers & supplies, this will determine the final result. Luckily I found everything I needed at my top secret sample sale store. Sunflowers scream fall even in pastels. The galvanized canister I found gave it a rustic touch. Take a look!

Floral Focal point

  • Choose vase & hot glue floral foam inside.
  • Buy proportional flowers for your container. I used 4 large flowers and one sprig of spray.
  • Make the bouquet before you trim. The stems will not be the same height.
  • Press flowers into foam while arranging.
  • Spread the leaves to fill in gaps.

Galvanized containers are very popular and since I had another from my spring decor I carried it over here.

Wooden tray side table decor

  • Fill containers with holiday pumpkin mix or potpourri.
  • Add single stems for a quick floral arrangement
  • Add moss or stems around a votive candle
  • Complete look with a few holiday decorations.

Bud vases offer the opportunity for more foliage & I like to sprinkle them into my tablescapes. This is simple and it completes my look.

Tiered coffee table decor

  • Sprinkle in bud vases and add single stems
  • Use a floral moss or stem to fill in around base of select items
  • Include holiday decor in each grouping
  • Candles are a great addition
  • Add books for height

Accent table decor

  • Take your pumpkins to new heights with candle holders.
  • Group 3 candle holders together or replace one with a holiday accent.
  • Pumpkin picks add interest in floral arrangements.

Now we need to add the finishing touches! See my next post on pumpkin paining & beading fabric pumpkins.


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