Czech Stop

West, Tx is a small town with a big heritage. It’s well known for its delicious Czech Kolache bakeries. I’ve found its the perfect stopping point between DFW and Austin for stretching your legs and snacking. Little did I know it’s also home to a cute downtown with an array of Czech shops.

Olde Czech Corner Antiques is an upscale antique shop. Everything inside is color coordinated and merchandised into small collections. I’m not a huge fan of mixing new/reproduction items with old but this shop does a great job for their customer. I really enjoyed the room decorated with nursery decor & baby gifts. I was happily surprised at the prices, everything was reasonable. I left the shop inspired but didn’t find anything I couldn’t live without.

Czech Point collectibles and antiques is just around the corner and is a true treasure trove. You can measure the age of your items from the layers of dust collected. The owner also serves as a guide, he helped my husband choose a vintage Whitehall tobacco pipe for his collection. I even bargained some dusty Pom pom trim into the mix. Thankfully I can learn how to wash vintage trim without the monetary risk involved. Join me next time to see if the trim survived the wash! & if you have any suggestions send comments my way!


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