Austin treasure hunt

Austin Antique Mall This is one of my many haunts when I visit Austin. Walking through the vast selection of mini shops I am always overwhelmed and often loose track of time. Thankfully my husband is with me to keep me in gear. You can hear me repeat “last one” as I drag him into the next stall. I use the law of attraction when I go into something this densely populated with curios. On this specific trip I wanted Vintage Barkcloth to create tote bags and pillows. I’m working on an Etsy account to sell my handmade accessories/home decor and antiquities. It’s funny because I found exactly what I wanted! 2 yards of Roundup by Moda barkcloth. The cowboy print is perfect for my Texas clientele. I’m also a huge fan of quirky vintage jewelry so of course I acquired a few new pieces. Last but not least I’m a new mother and am still searching for the perfect nursery decor. I found a patchwork bull from vietnam for Mr. babes shelf. 9BAF8828-C3EE-4D9F-ADA3-D13D816A792B


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