Valentine’s Day for your manly man 💕

The house is pretty in pink, the table is set for a romantic dinner & love is in the air via my new peony smelling candle!

Now what to give my manly man on this feminine holiday?

What about a relationship road map!! This will give him all the nostalgic feels.

I started by looking up important places we’ve been on a map.

  1. Where we met
  2. Our first date
  3. Where he asked me to be his GF.
  4. Where we moved in together.
  5. Where he proposed.
  6. Our wedding venue
  7. Our first house
  8. Etc….

I took a screen shot, labeled them & printed them out. Next I cut them into hearts and used a banner strand with tiny clothes pins to display them on his bathroom mirror.

I also found some beer & spicy flavored chocolates to seal the deal!! 🍻 If you are feeling super outgoing add some lipstick kisses on the mirror 💋💋💋 & call it a day.


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